Third Party Quality inspections go a long way in delivering a superior built product, not just a building that meets the bare minimum requirements.

There are many ways in which the involvement of a Third Party for the inspection of building projects can raise the bar, for quality, in particular, and construction in general. Builders may employ third party agencies for overall quality control or quality maintenance or process supervision at site. Likewise, the end-users/ customers may also employ third party agencies to inspect their flats or premises once ready. So, third party agencies can be beneficial to both builders and end users at the process level.

Third Party Agencies may be employed for overseeing the entire project, or only at the execution stage or for billing and estimation, quality, safety or for project progress, depending on the Developer’s need and budget.

How Third Party Inspections Take Quality Levels To a New High

Engineers and technical staff at Third Party agencies are specifically trained for particular jobs. Their inputs add value, mitigate risks and in turn help save time, resources and money for the developer. They are one step ahead regarding the building processes, technologies and activities that take place on site. Hence Third Party or External Agencies are in a good position to identify threats and bottlenecks in advance, so that the overall construction process and speed of a particular project are not hampered.

The staff of the contracting / developing company working at a particular site may tend to overlook some aspects during the construction process. However an external team that has been trained in observing construction defects tends to observe things that others overlook. So, a Third Party Agency on site gives valuable inputs that helps improve the quality of processes and materials that would be followed on site.

Third Party Agencies are consulting parties that work in coordination with the site team. They oversee or supervise the progress at site in tandem with the site staff. There is clear demarcation in jobs where the Third Party agency has a prevailing say, making sure that standards and procedures are adhered to on site.

All the above factors contribute towards a superior product as it would have been made by following all procedures and technical specifications to the T. Third Party inspections and audits from the inception stage till the finishing ensures consistency in high quality and snag free spaces that the end users can enjoy.

Involvement of Third Party Auditors and Inspectors means that the developer is serious about the quality aspect and risk mitigation in their projects. Having one’s project certified by Auditors gives a feeling of confidence to the end users or customers, thereby positively influencing the brand value of the project.

Customers now are aware of the services provided by Third Party Auditors and are hiring them to conduct inspections before taking possession of their premises to make sure the project has been executed right.

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